We customize a work plan tailored to your needs

We work hand in hand with you; our specialized loan officers will be constantly working to achieve optimal results in a short time.

These are our 4 steps to repair your credit.

01 01 First step

We get your credit report

One of our specialists will help you obtain your credit report by maintaining constant communication with you and, together we will analyze and identify all the negative information on it.

We also look for errors and old information that legally should not be on your credit history and we will work to remove and correct them.

02 02 Second step

Credit report analysis

We start by creating a personalized action plan based on your current situation and goals. For this, we need your participation and collaboration since it is important to be able to repair your credit in less time.

You could communicate directly with our specialists when you consider it convenient; we are at your service.

03 03 Third step

We draw up a work plan

We take care to correct your incorrect, invalid and unverifiable information at the three major credit bureaus if necessary.

All updates will be sent to you directly by email or via our mobile app. You will be able to observe the first improvements from the first 45 days.

04 04 Fourth step

Quick attention for better credit

As we repair your credit, we will give you tips on how you can keep it great. You will also have our attention at all times of the year so that you can increase your score.

You can follow up on your case through our mobile app. In turn, you will receive monthly recommendations on the movements you make in your credit.