What conditions and requirements are necessary for a mortgage loan?

All people want to know how to get good credit, it is not an easy task, But WE NEVER GIVE UP! we use all possible solutions to increase your score.

Now you wonder…

What good is having a good score?

It is the score that the bank gives you notifying the credit bureaus in what situation you find yourself; for example, if you have less than 540 points, your score is low, having a high probability of loan denials and high-interest rates; if you have between 600-679 points, you have fair credit, although it does not give you the total security of being a creditor of a large line of credit, thus having a high-interest rate; we consider a good score when you have 680-720 points, have better chances of credit approvals, that is why it is advisable to reach 720 points, That is why it is advisable to reach 720 points because the probabilities of obtaining a loan for a home, car and more; they are very high, in addition to having a low-interest rate.

Now that you know about the importance of the score, would you like to know how to take care of your score and increase it?

Having a high score implies not having negative accounts, not having gone bankrupt, especially having a good credit history; therefore, we recommend that our clients pay all their bills on time since we are creating a strategy to achieve their ideals so that in less than 90 days, they can have a high score with most accounts eliminated. It is important to talk to the specialist about what your priority is regarding your situation, for instance:

If you have a low score and your priority is to have a great line of credit for the purchase of a house, it is necessary that you inform our specialist so that the whole strategy turns towards the credit of the purchase of a house. Knowing your objectives, we will do everything possible to achieve them. WE DON'T GIVE UP EASILY!


The first thing to consider is the following:

  • We try to remove as many negative accounts as possible.
  • Sometimes, some accounts are more difficult than others, so they take a little longer.
  • Your score will increase if you follow all of our recommendations.
  • While it is true for us nothing is impossible, the only thing that can limit us is the little commitment of the client to increase their score.
  • We take care of devising personalized strategies to increase your score, that is why we advise you on the best time to apply for a loan; since our purpose is to repair the greatest amount of credit, being a trustworthy person before the other banking entities so that in the future you can request a car loan or whatever you want.


At present it is very important to have good credit since as you have a positive account history, your score will increase, that is, you will have good credit, which will make you a creditor of large lines of credit.

The requirements to be a person with good credit are:

  • Have a credit report with positive scores.
  • Score higher than 720.
  • Not having gone bankrupt or having it in the process of repairing.
  • If you have a negative account, which is very difficult to delete; do not hesitate to contact us.

We are specialists in credit repair, above all, we are 100% committed to eliminating negative accounts that directly affect your score and credit.

What good is having an excellent score and 720 points?

You are surely wondering; now that I have managed to eliminate all my negative accounts, I have a score higher than 720 points, I am also progressively applying to different low-interest credit cards ...

How do they benefit me?

By having all the aforementioned positive charges, you become an extremely trustworthy person for banks; that's the right time to apply for a home or car loan. And why these credits? Because most of them are the most difficult credits to complete, that is, if you apply effectively to one of these credits, any credit will be extremely easy, so you are seen as a responsible and trustworthy person.


At Credit Expert, more than removing negative information, we take care of repairing your credit; that is to say:

  • First, we will analyze your credit history, viewing your financial X-ray, the file where all your bank movements are accumulated, whether good or bad.
  • After having knowledge of your current situation, we will execute the best strategy to achieve all your objectives.

For example, if your objective is to have credit for a house, car, or other property, we will devise all possible strategies to achieve the required objective.

More than collaborators of the company, we are specialists for all clients who seek to repair their credit, committing ourselves 100% to their objectives. We have a wide portfolio of satisfied clients who support us. Clients who started with us with a low score and now with our help have been able to buy a home with excellent credit.